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Mill Lane Trading Estate, Croydon, CR0
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  • Brianna Galligan
    May 26, 2020
    Long-distance move from New York
    TERRIBLE company to use

    My possessions haven’t been delivered after 9 weeks. When seeking to utilize the business they’re horrendously impractical. They’ll provide you a date they’ll go and expect you to be prepared at the drop of a hat. Upon asking multiple date choices so we can settle on a moment, they denied. They won’t work with the client. They won’t compromise. Don’t use them!!!

  • Liam
    Feb 12, 2020
    Long-distance move from Bradford, Yorkshire
    Excellent Company!

    Fully working with Simon and the group for a number of decades. Would highly recommend this business to anyone! They’re first class International movers!

  • Ashley Gade
    Dec 18, 2019
    Long-distance move from Telford, Shropshire
    Abysmal service slopey shoulder syndrome

    My suggestion to anyone planning to move overseas.
    Do not use John Mason International.
    The estimator can not gauge cost us yet another #1800 for spilt load that has still not been shipped 25th will be per month.
    This I’m told is a frequent occurrence together.

    Their spouses in Cyprus Columbia Worldwide movers are most likely the biggest bullshitters I’ve encounter they simply make it up to package, alter the ship docking days, the shipping times and also the customs clearance all because they can not be bothered to provide as agreed.

    And all you receive from both not my issue, you sleep on the ground merry Christmas.
    Bear in mind when we could not take delivery we’d be paying storage charges.
    Absolutely abysmal Group of useless arrogant never use them again

  • Lorna
    Dec 4, 2018
    Long-distance move from New South Wales

    Moved from Sydney into Glasgow. Just unpacked two boxes of smashed crockery that has been in my family for ages. Since I did not unpack everything on day of shipping (hopeless endeavor, took two whole days) I am now left with a room filled with boxes and packaging that the firm do not care to eliminate. Surely no accomodating customer support today that it is delivered, only a’do not care’ No. Really reckless policy of recycling. Find another firm, there are far better out there.

  • Mark Whitehorn
    Oct 15, 2018
    Long-distance move from Bristol

    OK, so all was fine till we recently obtained our land delivered in Cornwall (uk), to Adelaide, South Australia.

    This only gets worse and worse because we unpack, so here goes:

    1) Danish, 50s dining table, smashed to bits.

    2) All My spouses cutlery, inherited from her grandma… GONE.

    3) My John Severson watercolour, purchased for me as a present and currently about with #1500…. GONE

    3) A stamp album delivered to me by my dad and gathered by his dad, values possibly #2000…. GONE.

    Surprising that these were our most precious things we possessed.

    This got me thinking as each of the boxes recorded in the united kingdom, came this conclusion. How did this occur? When the men come to package your stuff, out is not possible to stand over them for hours, assessing a) that package the stuff( b) load the packaged box and finally( c) it moves on the tip or stays on the truck.

    All I know is that they had our things. And today we do not. I am now putting together a record for the UK authorities and will be making sure these men are completely researched. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BEWARE. We’re DISTRAUGHT AT THIS LOSS. Obviously John Mason may not cause the activities of these men, and I will upgrade IF they either return or regain our products, or compensate us entirely. UNTIL THEN, DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE VALUABLES.

  • Ruth Rees
    Mar 13, 2018
    Long-distance move from Preston, Lancashire
    Appalling service

    JM Movers”managed” a transfer from Preston to Abu Dhabi for us – we used another firm as an intermediary. Our stuff came at AD airport on Sunday – we anticipated to arrive in our home sometime on Monday or at least to find a telephone call giving us an upgrade – no – that I contacted our very own representative who contacted them. No advancement on Tuesday morning either, finally obtained an email from the representative here who advised us we needed to submit a passport (we’d already supplied JM Movers using a scan of the passport) and were required to cover an extra charge of #107, we hadn’t been advised of the by JM Movers. I’ve tried to create a complaint but they’ve pushed it back into the broker we initially used – a firm who have finished three exceptional moves to France for us and with whom I don’t have any criticism. They’ve threatened to take down any poor reviews that I article on societal websites – I figure they have something to conceal. Prevent them, you will find far better businesses out there (this site Doesn’t Let Me post the Right delivery place )

  • Hayley
    Jan 24, 2018
    Long-distance move from London, Greater London
    Worst company

    Awful. Since carrying our things and receiving our cash they no longer maintenance. We’re expected to arrive in Australia per week and also in the funniest time supplied our things should arrive today. We ordered for my father for our things on the behalf that comprises my husband toolbox he desires to get work and now have been informed its going to become just another 3-5 weeks. John mason have called us to their Australian counterpart and if I said I have attempted to contact them and can’t speak to them they look as though they could not care less. At this point I will be amazed if our substance may also turn up. Avoid this company if you don’t need stress and impolite behavior

  • Katherine
    Sep 19, 2017
    Long-distance move from Oxfordshire
    International move

    This is a movement in the UK into NY, USA.
    John Mason was really great on the packaging up ending, timely, employees were courteous and efficient and did a fantastic job of packaging. Just a couple ceramic bowls have been divided upon arrival.

    On the opposite end nevertheless, the partner business in the US was significantly less than satisfactory – that they sent the cargo and place the boxes in the chambers we’ve advised but didn’t unpack the majority of the products. The 2 parts of furniture that they did sew they set together incorrectly and also we needed to re-do. Since they didn’t unpack we had been left with a enormous undertaking and hills of cardboard and paper to eliminate ourselves that was quite time intensive and tiring.

    So be informed, which in the US at least, the sister business is much less reliable and don’t provide anywhere near as great a service.

  • Judith Valdes
    Mar 9, 2017
    Long-distance move from Liverpool, Merseyside
    Expert Movers

    This moving company is a specialist in customer services. Every facet of the movement, starting from the customer support into the real move, there wasn’t any difficulty in any way. If you’re seeking a moving company to get an superb relocation, this is the ideal company to choose for. I recommend them highly and will use them again. We had an superb experience since this moving company moved our things. I have to state that we had fortune this time and that’s the reason why we found this excellent moving firm. I’m delighted with how you men rendered your ceremony and guaranteed a perfect relocation. I’ve already begun to urge you to other men and women that wish to make a move and will keep on recommending you guys. My movement was a quick one, past my expectation.

  • Greg Bryan
    Mar 9, 2017
    Long-distance move from Colorado
    Best Service Ever

    Due to the problems I’ve always had with a few moving companies on the market, I was prepared for one in this move. I had been cautious to grab them doing horrible things but this wasn’t true with the movers I hired this moment.
    They were very organized and proceeded our stuffs quickly and safely. To our amazement, they’re even there to help us organize the new residence and place things in order. They transferred the stuffs before we were okay with their positions within our house.
    If you’re interested in finding great movers round uk, etc., then you have my recommendation on these fantastic movers. I’ll always recommend them in any moment since they deserve it.
    Thank you so much John Mason International movers

  • Camel S
    Mar 5, 2017
    Long-distance move from Merseyside
    Peace Of Mind Experience

    I simply had the simplest transfer of my own life. And I proceeded over three occasions at 6years. Really, these men were great! Micheal, Frank, and also Jessy were fine, tender with my delicate things, and really effective. My transfer now from Liverpool into Alabama was so great. We really had interesting and to believe I spent all the time fretting about the movement afternoon before. If I had known what I know today, I’d have looked ahead. Really.

    I’ll be calling them back again. Priced right, easy scheduling, and grinning services was really a joy to enter my new magnificent apartment effortlessly!! Thanks, John Mason!! While I purchase my first house, I’ll Be calling you men

  • Cherry
    Mar 5, 2017
    Long-distance move from Arizona
    5 Star Anyday

    We moved out of Los Washington DC to London, and John Mason was fantastic to use. Pick up was incredibly rapid, professional and on time, and shipping was equally great.
    This is our first time working with a very long distance movers and we’d wholeheartedly suggest John Mason International Movers. The guys that arrived helped arrange our relocation and they had been the very best!
    I’ll continually be using John Mason whenever’m moving out from my new destination. They are really great to use.

  • Christaina J
    Mar 4, 2017
    Long-distance move from Greater London
    Great experience

    Initially I had been so reluctant to work together, but following several persuasion in my buddy, I chose to offer them a try, Johnmason transferred me out of London to Sidney, and I don’t regret the service that they gave me.

    Frankly it was really worth my cash, a gentle guy, Jackson by title that came to look at my possessions was quite professional, I truly adore every moment I spent with him, he was really funny also.

    Thank you JOHNMASON for its wonderful company, I’ll consistently use your service again.
    Hihly advocated.

  • Andrea S
    Sep 25, 2016
    Long-distance move from London, Greater London
    Avoid if at all possible

    I used John Mason to transfer in London to Hanoi, Vietnam in June. The business was delegated to me by my company, so I didn’t have any choice in the situation.

    My only very good experience with the firm was using the gentleman that arrived to check my merchandise before I transferred. He came on time, has been considerate and seemed to really take care of his job. None of this was the situation with the remainder of my dealings with this business.

    Communication resulting in my packaging date was more inconsistent and concerned me pursuing down them to find advice. The the worst aspect of my adventure happened on the afternoon when my possessions were packed to the transfer. The team came ahead of schedule and so were certainly miserable in the time that they came. They had been belligerent and incredibly unprofessional in both the interactions with me personally and at the way that they handled my possessions. I had been told I did not have to do anything to get ready for the move in advance and that the team would look after everything. I didn’t get any advice on products that were/were not allowed within my dispatch, therefore I ordered my things depending on the advice I obtained from the brokers in Hanoi. Even the John Mason crew attempted to eliminate many things from my dispatch, telling me that they weren’t permitted to be sent from the United Kingdom. This proven to be entirely false info. Efforts to speak with the office employees during those interactions were useless. The office team was dismissive of my worries and obviously uninterested in ensuring that my experience went smoothly.

    After my possessions were removed, I got no information about the condition of the cargo and also the resolution of this promise that a few of my products weren’t permitted to be sent. I needed to speak to the organization multiple times in a bid to discover if my dispatch was en route and if it could be sent. Luckily, the firm at Vietnam (Asian Tigers) has been far more capable and obtained over communicating when possible.

    My products arrived eventually with any harm as anticipated depending on the manner John Mason’s team packed items (and by this, I mean that the way that they put things into boxes with no respect for its fragility of things ). Each one of the things they strove to make me eliminate my shipment did arrive, that functions to demonstrate that the team had zero idea what they’re referring to if they attempted to inform me I could not send specific items.

    Overall, this is the worst going experience I have had in my many years of moving globally. When you have any option in the matter, don’t use this business. And, if you are unfortunate enough to get them assigned to you, be certain that you do your homework in advance and don’t take their word for anything. I’d also highly suggest using insurance when coping with this business if you are sending anything of worth, as you are very likely to encounter damages for your merchandise.

  • Maria Glodek
    Aug 26, 2016
    Long-distance move from London, Greater London
    Damaged items/delivery delays

    Transfer from London, UK to New Jersey, USA.

    To start with, on unpacking the dinning room table, we discovered that all four corners were badly scrapped bare and that there was a 2cm by 1cm dent at the middle of the table top. This piece is just one of a kind and produced in Italy so it’s tough to see how we could repair it.

    Second, among those Poltrona Frau dining room table seats with arm rests had also lost one of those arms that was detached once unwrapped and also had a 4cm hole at the seat’s leather-upholstered back.

    Third, when unwrapping the hamburger and glass-ware, we also noticed that one pasta bowl along with 2 juice glasses were crushed.

    At length, while three crystal wine glasses were also shattered by one of those movers while still being unwrapped in the box.
    Since these damages were entirely and entirely a result of the delivery and of no fault of their own, requested for fair compensation to substitute the things destroyed but not received it.

  • A. Hart
    Nov 25, 2015
    Long-distance move from Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
    This company is OK

    Before I launch it had been out of the UK to Brisbane, Australia but that’s not feasible from the dropdown menu over!!

    “OK” defines my experience with John Mason. We transferred from the UK to Australia this past year. My most important problems with the entire movement were that the elimination guys (among these in inparticular) in the united kingdom. They were rather unfriendly and not very beneficial. When you move home to another side of this planet – its not something that you do frequently and therefore have very little expertise. These guys pack up things all of the opportunity to be transferred overseas so will have significantly more expertise than I do. They also made me feel as though I had been in the manner in my own residence and frequently tutted or laughed in my queries. I felt quite uncomfortable. However all of our items were packaged well and delivered securely. The removal men in Australia were far more friendly and useful

  • Jo Willey
    Nov 21, 2015
    Long-distance move from Lincoln, Lincolnshire
    John Mason U.K. review

    Please be aware Belgium and Antwerp were randomly chosen above because it was not feasible to pick New Zealand. I wouldn’t suggest John Mason U.K. to get any type of move, because of the bad packing and harm to our family products, in addition to the stubborn and rude behaviour of both J.M. employees who did the packaging. It had been an unpleasant encounter and we needed to maintain tens of thousands of pounds in insurance to the damaged items, a few of that we can not now substitute. We did not pick John Mason (J.M.) we all opted to proceed with Crown in the U.K. into New Zealand, but the U.K. portion of this transfer was granted to J.M. without us being informed. Two agents from J.M. arrived to pack our items and we became worried about the way that they were packaging, e.g. not utilizing packaging or padding material around things like seats and just loading heavy novels loosely in addition to the seats, rather than placing any wrap or packaging around delicate items like eyeglasses and art. We also discovered a thing that we have had for more than 20 years broken through the packaging and left from sight at a lost box near our rubbish bins out our property. But probably the oddest thing was that the J.M. packers abandoned things we’d saved in banana boxes at the transfer and just wrapped the banana sticks at J.M. paper. We’d organized with Crown to own all things in banana boxes repacked into transferring boxes since boxes that have previously contained food aren’t permitted to New Zealand, and we discussed this with both J.M. packers at the start of the packaging and again during the packaging once we saw that they were simply wrapping the banana sticks at J.M. paper. The response we got from them was”if NZ habits do not find the boxes it does not matter”. We asked them again to repack the banana sticks which was wrapped and they stated that they had, but on arrival in NZ there have been 9 banana sticks wrapped in J.M. newspaper. The contact we had with direction at J.M. at the U.K. following the packaging experience was also quite unsatisfactory, such as dismissive and patronising remarks. In comparison the individual we had been dealing with at Crown was useful and made a fantastic attempt to organise the insurance coverage for us.

  • Johnmasonsucks
    Jun 11, 2014
    Long-distance move from London, Greater London
    Very poor service

    I wouldn’t recommend this business to anybody. They ruined our furniture as well as lost part of the dispatch. They acknowledge that it but refuse to cover the harm. Don’t rely on them. Check out their FB webpage, 1250’enjoys’ all from Nigeria! Fake’Likes’, they lie around Facebook enjoys, and do you believe that they may think twice before telling you lies?
    Don’t use this business, there are tons of different organizations to utilize.

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