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  • Viki Johnston
    Jul 18, 2017
    Long-distance move from Cincinnati, OH
    Absolutely Disgusted

    This firm sold us a ceremony that they had been incapable of supplying, our possessions were missing and damaged, and they required additional cash on the day of selection. Then deny to off load anything till they have the money balance. They don’t return calls or respond to emails, and I have been attempting to generate a claim from them, but they’re not impossible to contact. Jordan Reed promised he’d guarantee our dwelling content could be cared for! There wasn’t any treatment when they had our residue. I’ll be taking action against that firm. I would strongly advise that you steer clear of the business.

  • Mai K
    Jun 29, 2017
    Long-distance move from Seattle, WA
    Movers' Thievery

    1) The first quote/estimate was badly under quoted therefore on going day, I had been presented with a bill double the amount I had been quoted from $5000 to $11000.
    2) A costly watch was stolen
    3) Furniture was ruined and broken
    4) Walls were ruined
    5) ZERO assistance from customer support after move was finished regarding my complaints though Client Support Reps were similar to HAWKS when they needed my own company.
    6) Furniture could not be placed together properly because the movers did not tape the nuts/bolts with the perfect piece. They threw them to some random box and several screws/bolts were missing.

  • Amanda Jones
    Jun 9, 2017
    Long-distance move from Baltimore, MD
    Extortionist/bait & switch techniques used in estimate, unprofessional

    Very unprofessional company which uses extortionist & bait and switch tactics to induce the user to pay a greater amount than they had been originally quoted. I itemized each and every thing moving on the vehicle, and also the afternoon of transferring they jacked up the cost over a second $1700, asserting we actually had 1620 cu feet in the last quote of 1202 cu ft. It is not possible that our furniture enlarged by over the 5’x10′ storage device, and also the explanation in the motorist was”occasionally furniture differs sizes”. That is not possible when they still left several big items off the truck which were on the reduced quote. I wish we’d done more study as movers that provide you a quote based on cubic feet aren’t REPUTABLE according to many websites I’ve now discovered. They intentionally waive our land, resulting in over $8700 of harm in replacement costs, and the first salesperson and among those movers claimed that we’d get whole replacement value and the”.60 percent” did not use to us. The afternoon of moving they appear with paperwork saying that complete replacement value could double the price, and compelled us to sign saying that we wouldn’t acquire complete replacement value. I WOULD HAVE NEVER GONE WITH THEM IF THIS WAS TOLD TO US BEFORE WE MADE A DEPOSIT. More than 75 percent of our boxes were destroyed, perforated, and showed signs of being lost. One of the employees was cussing in Spanish, reversed boxes onto their hands clearly marked with arrows, and kicked our land throughout the truck which dropped from a plastic bin. They broke a glass top classic table inside one hour of being there, and made the remark”We are not making any money with this movement” and even had the audacity to need a hint after breaking my classic table on the afternoon of moving! The positive testimonials don’t utilize common English and therefore are obscure, which implies they were composed by somebody in a different country and therefore are imitation. Our expertise was a complete nightmare and the sole director we can speak to, Paula was condescending and apathetic. They haven’t responded to our written complaints regarding their worker’s behaviour, nor have they provided some amount for the harm to our house. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  • Joette Catherine
    Jun 9, 2017
    Long-distance move from Illinois
    Systematic move

    It was a calm movement. I had the chance of moving in an wonderful way. The movers began by placing everything in the move boxes prior to loading and sealing them on the waiting automobile. While some were busy managing the packaging , others were coping with all the loading. The high awareness of coordination between both made the encounter amazing. I had been covered in smiles during the relocation procedure.

  • Stan Bielak
    Jun 5, 2017
    Long-distance move from Warrenton, VA
    Poor Move Experience with Exclusive Van Lines

    I urge anybody planning an impending move to not deal with all Exclusive Van Lines! We recently finished receipt of their possessions and were really disappointed in a lot of facets of the transfer. Do not be duped by appealing low-ball quotes and promises of”specialist” quality moving services. Exclusive Van Lines will send your furniture to a new address but they will not deliver in their quote or in their promise of”specialist” grade support. Below is a list of our adventures in a number of facets of our latest move.

    Estimating Procedure was POOR- Estimate had been raised by over 25 percent daily of movement. This influenced price of both the tariff fees and the complete package, but more to the point, the storage cost more than 10 months. The tariff price went from quote of $10,212 to real of $11,718. Packing price went from quote of $3,404 to $4,785 Storage fee Boost was $239/mo for 10 mos. Complete growth over quote was $5,277.

    Packing program was POOR – The program Leo provided was to have packaging performed daily one and also the load/ movement performed on day two. The afternoon the packers came , they had the trucks together and signaled they’d do the whole package and continue in one moment. The end result was a hurried packing job with several items badly packaged; a foyer cupboard was completely overlooked together with many kitchen cabinets. Because of this late afternoon, the team leader didn’t run a walk-through together to affirm all products were packaged and we ended packing up and transferring them ourselves.
    In packaging the spirits and wine ourselves, we discovered that the Russian team had concealed a sealed bottle of Russian vodka at a garbage carton in a try to pilfer it. We transferred it in the garbage to one of their cartons and foiled their way.

    Move-in Staff INADEQUATE- about the shipping in our new address is where we’re very disappointed in getting chosen Exclusive Van Lines to take care of our transfer. Just a 4-man crew came with just two trucks. Paradoxically, the 2 trucks appeared to transport all our possessions with space to spare inside where on the packaging day they’d possessions expanded onto tailgates and maintained we had been 838 cu feet over quote!

    Special Handling of Pool Table has been POOR – that the 4 person team wasn’t nearly enough to proceed to the law pool table. We paid a $350″special handling” charge to get the dining table closed and moved. The packing team didn’t completely revamp the mattress and 3 parts of slate, but transferred the whole mattress with slate for a unit. Nine Russian guys had trouble in the old speech, however only 4 were anticipated to set the table in our new residence. Luckily, our son had been accessible together with me to assist, however, it was not pretty! The team also assembled the legs into the table wrongly. Even the”special handling” charge was a entire fraud!

    Furniture Handling and Storage has been POOR – harms to furniture contained: irreplaceable marble-top table divided in to 2 pieces, bedroom dresser underside punctured with softball-sized pit, occasional table leg broken (movers created weak repair effort without notifying of harm ), mattress footboard spindle broken, and dresser leg broken, and paper shredder plus 3 table lamps split. Moreover, 20 parts of china, glassware, and serving meals have been divided together with 7 other ornamental ceramic and glass pieces.

    We must have done more homework up front reading testimonials of the others’ experiences with distinctive van lines because there are numerous with experiences like ours. We heard through the college of hard knocks that you can not get exactly what you expect. The most important thing is that we’d neither consider participating with Exclusive Van Lines in our second movement, nor will we even recommend their services for other people needing moving solutions.

  • Jessica
    Feb 20, 2017
    Long-distance move from Kentucky
    Thrilling Move

    I can’t fail to acknowledge the simple fact that the relocation providers were remarkable. Particular Van Lines did such a terrific job. I admire the excitement and enthusiasm shared with the movers throughout the move. I’m impressed with the simple fact that those movers were ready to do anything else to guarantee perfect relocations. It’ll be my biggest joy seeing them relocate me again.

  • Theresa Turner
    Feb 15, 2017
    Long-distance move from Delaware
    Best of the best

    This has been the best! The relocation services that they provided me were unmatchable. I had a group of dedicated and dedicated experts move me to Michigan. The solutions that I received from them were so terrific. Rather than the frenzied experience that the majority of my friends talked about, I had been going to relocate in this easy and attractive way. I can’t wait to experience this kind of experience again. You are able to try them!

  • Braun K
    Feb 14, 2017
    Long-distance move from New York

    They made it ideal. I’m sure it may not have been the exact same way if not to them. I’d peace of mind moving to Bismarok. The adventure was such a wonderful one. I’m happy that everything worked out my own way. I expect they’ll be present to relocate me at a similar manner next time.

  • Hannah
    Feb 13, 2017
    Long-distance move from Virginia
    Too good to be true

    Sooner or later, it had been too fantastic to trust. The relocation providers were so good and there weren’t any complaints. More, the movers had been honest enough with their own quotes. I used to not need to think about additional costs throughout the move. I respect their noble hearts and will love them to deal with my move services again.

  • Cgloodt
    Feb 11, 2017
    Long-distance move from Illinois
    Do not use Exclisive Van Lines

    The sole reason I’m offering them one star is because the men that packed my furniture up where great, though I believe they overcharged me. The first sales man convinced me that this firm was likely to be just and honest with all my cross country move, therefore that I contracted together. Major mistake. The site he led me to this rates moving firms gave them a decent evaluations, but now I think that site is rigged. As my shifting date got closer, that this sales man was not possible to contact, after discovered that he left the business, so my document was bounced around to many different individuals who where dreadful communicators. The dates that they stated I’d anticipate coming of my possessions was erroneous, of course that they blamed that on me, however it was their error. After I arrived at my destination, then it took more than two weeks to my possessions to get there. Subsequently the”movers” which arrived into unload was a husband and wife, I needed to help them attract my possessions into my flat and put up, that was presumed to be contained in the price. Later the business called me personally to see how matters went. When it informed them of the they never provided some retribution for your transfer in circumstance. I paid $ 6.5 6.5 with this movement and has been initially lent $4.5k. The salespeople in this business are deceivingand they are across as quite fond to ensure that your move is completed nicely, but nobody else at the business appears to care.

  • George
    Feb 10, 2017
    Long-distance move from Delaware
    Beautiful Relocation Services

    Nobody had a clue that it was going to be that amazing. I’d no concept that the relocation solutions were that much gratifying. I needed to wait till the move time to realise how amazing it had been seeking their solutions. I’m happy for my own uncle team for ensuring that which functioned according to programs.

  • Ronald
    Feb 9, 2017
    Long-distance move from New Jersey
    Well done

    The whole Exclusive Van Lines team, more so Peter their manager treated me respectfully and aided me considerably. They have been prompt in their own communication and if questions arose, the manager was available to describe to me personally and also offer hints of what might be carried out. I love the type ceremony by Exclusive Van Lines movers and kudos for a job well done.

  • Bernadette
    Feb 8, 2017
    Long-distance move from Georgia
    Ideal Relocation Experts

    You’ve got good relocation specialists. They understand how to release their responsibilities, and they’re so cooperative. They left my experience together so extraordinary. I felt great with Exclusive Van Lines out of GA into PA.. There’s absolutely not any doubt I’ll be searching their solutions in future.

  • Austin
    Feb 7, 2017
    Long-distance move from Massachusetts
    I recommend them 100%

    Exclusive Van Lines gave me an service that was painless like I moved from Boston to Washington, DC. The men were on time in both end and so I’d no opportunity to begin worrying about the movement or the security of my items. Their packaging and loading has been closely efficient, which reduced my price and also ended up feeling quite proud for utilizing postsecondary Van Lines. I recommend them 100%.

  • Richard
    Feb 6, 2017
    Long-distance move from Virginia
    Five stars

    I was more than pleased with the work of three young guys out of Exclusive Van Lines who assisted me along with my move from Newport News, VA to Chattanooga at Tennessee. I wasn’t on a limited budget, but Exclusive Van Lines let me save some dollars.

  • Bees Limberg
    Feb 4, 2017
    Long-distance move from New York
    Great job

    Fantastic job by none besides Exclusive Van Lines. They transferred me in NYC to CA a couple of weeks ago. It was not simple for the movers however they relocated everything fast and without ever feeling frustrated. I loved the fact that they had sufficient wrappers to wrap all of my things and my furniture has been delivered with no scratches. The attentive, courteous and professional service of Exclusive Van Lines makes me urge them to you.

  • Philippe Pullman
    Feb 3, 2017
    Long-distance move from Ohio
    Thank you for professionalism

    Exclusive Van Lines gave me a totally stress free going. The moving team and really everybody in the business including sales individual who booked my move were all helpful. We have not packed our things, however, the movers did it so carefully and quick. We transferred us quite quickly and assessed to make sure that nothing was lost.
    Thank you Exclusive Van Lines for created our relocation so simple and easy.

  • Jason
    Feb 1, 2017
    Long-distance move from Tennessee
    Great service

    The guys that I worked with had over sufficient wrappers and other trendy moving tools and gear. They wrapped all of my items before packaging them in boxes, which assured that everything was introduced in as good condition as prior to the move. They took good care of my items, and I must urge Exclusive Van Lines for everybody. The support at this business is wonderful.

  • Nail
    Jan 31, 2017
    Long-distance move from North Carolina
    It worked well

    I was fearful that things were not going to work out just as anticipated. As I sought out the services of Exclusive Van Lines so, I had been worried. When the movers arrived over for the real relocation solutions, I was amazed. Everything had turned out so flawlessly. I every move moment. It was really wonderful.

  • Radi
    Jan 30, 2017
    Long-distance move from Georgia

    Never use this company. They’re only thieves. BBB and FMSCA, in addition to the Florida attorney general’s office must investigate them. There’s absolutely no way my experience was an isolated one. Their clinic is uniformly crooked in the direction to the hustlers they’ve answering the telephone. They’ll reduce your furniture, destroy your possessions, and harm your house. They won’t respond to a question. I will happily provide proof of support with those thieves for Anybody doubting the veracity of this inspection

  • Jessiaca
    Jan 27, 2017
    Long-distance move from Vermont
    It was the best

    What more can I really say? I’m only glad that all worked out as intended. I felt really happy being a receiver of these marvellous relocation solutions. The movers had pledged to get the absolute most out of the relocation. I’m happy they didn’t bend their guarantee. I needed that, greater than anything else. Ineeded to relocate at a great and fantastic manner. I am rather happy that these movers were able to organise items in a gorgeous way. Everything appeared to have exercised how I desired. Thanks Exclusive Van Lines!

  • Yvonne Carr
    Jan 26, 2017
    Long-distance move from South Carolina
    Relocation Experts

    I’m glad to have participated an remarkable group of specialists. The movers gave me every reason to trust in them directly from the very first moment. It had been such a wonderful movement experience. It’ll be a fantastic honor going through this type of move again.

  • Donna T
    Jan 25, 2017
    Long-distance move from Tennessee
    Fantastic moving copmany

    Exclusive Van Lines has been great. The movers were punctual, and that I loved them more for taking appropriate care of the items and sending them with no damages. Exclusive Van Lines is a reliable and recommendable business.

  • Leonard
    Jan 19, 2017
    Long-distance move from Illinois

    I am certainly advocated Exclusive Van lines.

    I want to transfer 2 bedroom filled with furniture in Buffalo Grove, IL into Ballwin, MO.. Office staff was friendly and respectful. They did everything possible to guarantee the relocation providers were amazing and smooth. Movers packed up everything economically, loaded security and arrived in my new location in time. Fantastic job!

  • Jackson
    Jan 13, 2017
    Long-distance move from North Carolina
    Very good

    Exclusive Van Lines are extremely cool men. I had no issues with the men at all even though I paid a bit more than the quotation due to the excess packaging materials for my own TV I wasn’t comfy covering it with just blankets. Additionally, I’d planned to market the pool table, however I did not, and therefore there were more things to take. I received everything in Harrisburg just as they had been prior to the movement in my prior house in Jacksonville. It wasn’t exactly the exact same team that packed my items, but they were equally as skillful.

  • Raymond Becerra
    Jan 11, 2017
    Long-distance move from Pennsylvania
    I very appreciate your professionalism

    Exclusive Van Lines gave me a trendy relocation encounter. The movers were very approachable, instant and that I will always reach the moving planner who reacted quite well to my inquiries and concerns. The whole team was very motivated and dedicated. It’s just because of their hard work, dedication and diligence which we could achieve the move. Many thanks to this Exclusive Van Lines movers.

  • Ria Persad
    Jan 2, 2017
    Long-distance move from Florida

    Ripped off client talked with Exclusive Van Lines to keep them to get his out-of-state movement on December 28, 2016, from Florida to California. A first, preliminary estimate was made based upon advice supplied to your sales rep who advised ripped off client that a last quote will be performed based upon some other new details. Ripped off client was predicted by tina of trucking van traces, and ripped away client gave tina the last specs (variety of boxes, etc), and also no new quote was made with all the new details. The movers arrived, without a new quote has been presented, though Exclusive van lines had been told all of the new details regarding the telephone.

    In addition, there has been a loading dock at a particular distance from the flat, plus a storage device that lacked a specific space, also images to be wrappedup, and lots of boxes that were recorded. There were a variety of further fees that ripped off client wasn’t advised of beforehand. These fees could have readily been cited when tina talked with ripped off client. Tina simply stated,”We could do this”, but left out the crucial information that these items could be achieved for a fee. It was also critically important that these additional charges also weren’t reflected in the provider’s estimate.

    It’s customary in the business to inquire about such parameters, and then include these extra costs from the quote.

    We believe that it was an incredibly misleading business practice to (1) not inform ripped off client in almost any telephone conversations regarding the added fees, which afforded an extra $550 into the transfer, rather than include these additional fees into the quote, as it might have been quite easy to find this info and include it at the quote. (2) it was likewise highly misleading business practice to not include the extra advice which ripped off client gave to tina about the telephone on the extra boxes. Tina must have made sure that we obtained a brand new quote once ripped off client had the specific amounts for her to the telephone. This incurred extra fees of $2,5000.

    In total, because of exceptionally deceptive absence of communicating, ripped off client incurred an extra $3,000 of transferring cost in addition to the quote that has been given to him, despite the fact that he gave tina all of the appropriate info regarding the telephone. The quote was simply no good and didn’t reflect the last advice that ripped off client lending to Tina. This tricked ripped off client into moving with the provider.

    Had ripped off client understood of the extra $3,000 in fees, he’d have sacrificed the deposit and then gone with a different organization or obtained another choice, because this had been unaffordable.

    The business made no fantastic faith attempt to present a fair quote in any way at all. Ripped off client exhibited precise info in a followup phone with Tina, without a new quote was introduced to him. Additionally, Tina didn’t incorporate some of the extra parameters, like loading dock space, or packaging of images, or even taping of boxes, even in the quote, and she didn’t inform ripped off client that some of the could incur any extra fees.

    The criticism is contrary to Exclusive van outlines because of deceptive sales techniques and deceptive quote practices as a result of negligent or deceptive absence of communication on fees. Then the client is blind-sided using a bill that’s double the quote, just because particular Van Lines wouldn’t generate a new quote together with each one of the specific details.

  • Jimmie
    Nov 10, 2016
    Long-distance move from Virginia
    My Move to North Carolina

    AVOID EXCLUSIVE VAN LINES AT ALL COST!!! THEY TALK AN Fantastic REHEARSE CON TO GET Your Company. THEY Won’t TELL YOU THE TRUTH AND WILL PENNY YOU AT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY ONCE THEY GET Your Company. You will initially discus your relocation with a relocation advisor (Pat or Nicholas) who’ll convince you that they’re the number one moving business in the nation. They’ll fall this line on you”Exclusive Van Lines was respected by the American Business Bureau since the 2015″Moving and Storage Company of the Year!” Do not fall for this. They also paid their dues for the business, so that they get that evaluation. It’s my view some of the favorable testimonials are their own and weren’t really written by clients. This firm doesn’t come into your house in order to stock what’s to be proceed. Please keep away from these kinds of companies since the whole transfer is based on telephone calls and email communications. These firms you cannot trust there offered estimated price to transfer you.
    How They Operate
    The move advisors (they refer to themselves as”I am your furnace”) will provide you with discounts and force you to think you’re receiving a excellent bargain (the cheapest price ). Be cautious, the relocation consultant will blatantly abandon off inventory items there written quote to secure you the cheapest quoted price. Also be informed the relocation advisor isn’t the man who will finally determine the true value of your transfer. The superior management expert is the person who will inform you the true price for your relocation that’s generally over the written quote offered you by the movement advisor.
    If you discus your relocation with the high quality control expert (Lisa) that this individual will notify you that the quoted composed quote that has been granted with the relocation advisor was wrong and the true cost for the move is significantly greater as a result of growth cubic feet for those things to be transferred. They’ll tell you that you didn’t supply a comprehensive detail and accurate collection of things to be proceed.
    This firm may work together to safeguard each other if you challenge them. They’ve no ethics.
    If the movers arrived in your house, you’ll be advised that you need to cover the space required to transfer your furniture out of the doorway to your own truck. This may include another cost for your transfer. The move consultants won’t tell you this. You’re billed using an elevator or measures. The movers really rely on steps from the doorway to your own truck. These extra costs may be in excess of $150.00 or longer based on measures, lift and space.
    The biggest thing for this particular company, they will have a cancellation policy which says you are able to cancel your relocation within seven days before your scheduled transfer date. Here’s the catch; the high quality management expert will contact you to notify you of the true cost to the transfer within 7 or 6 times of the scheduled transfer date. Now it’s too late to receive a refund of your deposit plus you won’t have sufficient time to schedule with a different moving company in the event you wished to alter or possess a deadline to meet.
    I utilized this moving business and sorrow that I did. I emailed this business with a list that recorded each and every thing to be transferred. By way of instance, I particularly recorded each bit of my own queen size mattress (mattress, box spring, headboard, footboard, side rails( and framework ). Nicholas said that those products were contained in the calculated price plus cubic feet and just will be recorded on the quote as”queen size mattress”. I also listed about 20 boxes to be transferred.
    Once I chose to proceed with this organization and paid them my deposit, then they were no more instantaneous in their responsiveness to my telephone calls or mails.
    Throughout the pre-moving procedure, I discus my stock and proceed together (Pat and Nicholas) on many different occasions before the actual transfer date. I had been assured each time that my stock list fulfilled the quoted estimated cost plus cubic feet.
    On day 8 or 9 before the scheduled movement, the high quality control pro (Lisa) phoned me to discus my stock and also to notify me of their true price for the transfer. The price was more than $1000.00 over the price that has been quoted about the written quote offered me from Nicholas. I had been advised that my queen size mattress is priced individually for its mattress/box spring also that there’ll be extra expenditure for your headboard, footboard, frame and side rails on account of the extra cubic feet. The boxes which I recorded on my stock list were an extra cost on account of the many dimensions (was not advised which boxes to be transferred were priced separately base on dimension ).
    When my stock was recalculated from the excellent control pro (Lisa), then the extra cost for the transfer has been around $1000.00. I needed to rent a truck to move any things myself because it’d cost me less than $1000.00.
    Now once you introduce this review on them, they are going to tell you I didn’t tell them this or that and they told me what I had to understand. There are far more negative activities relating to this business, but I expect you have the image foundation on what I have composed. As a military veteran, I strongly urge all to keep away from the firm.
    Do the intelligent thing, hire a business that is going to visit your house to perform a list and provide you an estimate foundation on which they view. Also get price for things such as elevator, measures and space, packaging, and protection to delicate products.
    There real service prices far exceed the composed estimated price. I incurred extra cost because of needing to lease a truck to move some things to maintain the price out of being surplus for the whole movement by Exclusive.
    The disappointing rating is a result of inadequate integrity and deceiving me in their projected written quotation.

  • Judy Hounshell
    Jul 4, 2016
    Long-distance move from Virginia
    Moving to another state

    Horrifying transfer. 3 men came to pack up us. Helped me with a crisis during packaging truck.Then I found out my husband’s WIDE strong gold wedding ring overlooking. Irreplaceable. Married 50 decades. Additionally, I found out that they choose it into Maryland to wait around for the next moving truck & team to hit it & bring it into our nation. We needed to remain in a motel until they have into our home with all the furniture. Just had two men to unload truck. Took hours and the co.. Had some other load to send after us. Way below staffed. Once I started unpacking discovered broken lamps,dishes along with classic cedar chest had EVERY leg entirely broken off. Still wrapped in transferring taped and blanket. I wondered then why they had not taken their shifting blanket. Suppose to install bed. They did not understand how to prepare a select comfort mattress.
    Will never ever recommend them to anyone. Horrible,horrible movement.

  • Sup
    Jun 16, 2016
    Long-distance move from South Carolina
    Worst experience with Exclusive Van Lines

    This is the worst experience! My husband and I’ve relocated a few times and used several different moving solutions. We always decide on a complete bundle (packaging ) I phoned and talked to one of the agents on 4/19/16 to find a quote and has been quoted for a complete move 6200.00 moving from SC to NC. The guy I talked to took stock by telephone and told me that my cost was guaranteed not to go any higher. I had been advised that the packers would arrive on 6/2/2016 along with the movers around 6/3/2016. In addition, he told me I’d get a call fourteen days earlier by move to business the stock list and occasions. I put down the deposit (which may only be reimbursed if you cancel 7 days before the transfer ) and waited patiently for the telephone. 1 week prior to the move I still had no telephone so I phoned them and had been treated like I had been an idiot and advised they phone the day before to supply a time and that no way anybody at their firm explained two weeks. I eventually did get a call in the QA section to verify my stock list 6 days prior to my move date (too late to ask a refund). Which the girl stated my stock list was entered incorrect and if I needed everything transferred it’d be an extra 1600.00. I compared the two stock list and they had been identical with the one difference being a rocking seat. I had been stuck. I removed things from the stock to contact the initial cost. We needed to lease a U-Haul to package and move items independently. The day prior to the transfer we had been advised that the movers would arrive in our house from 12:00, they revealed at 10:00. Five guys to package and load our things in 1 afternoon, we had been told it’d be package a single day load the following day, which caused us to need to rent a hotel room since they were transferring our beds each day early. I wish I could send images of the packaging task they did. Broken images, canned products thrown on bread. They didn’t mark any boxes in order for shipping all 66 boxes (our stock checklist had 144 boxes recorded ) were stacked in my dining area, they didn’t wrap all of the breakable items and also the urn for our baby brothers was broken, and numerous different items were thrown into boxes such as our hanging clothing. The packers utilized big dish boxes and utilized a lot of paper on coffee cups just 12 cups were packaged in 1 box. After the packaging was finished the driver informs us that he can’t fit everything on the stock list about the truck which we had been misquoted and had to cover more cash we ended up paying an extra amount to get our items transferred. Nothing at the garage was transferred (though it had been on the stock checklist ), our master bedroom mattress wasn’t transferred since they did not have space, they didn’t package the baths, abandoned images on the walls and items from the kitchen. And had the guts to ask us to get a hint. Our items were sent on 6/4/2016 by 2 guys in a Budget truck they’d leased. Each of the boxes were abandoned in the dining area since they weren’t marked. The truck they’d leased to deliver our items had a broken elevator. This is a nightmare experience for us. This firm didn’t send us specialist packers/movers, and that’s exactly what our contract. This wasn’t a complete packaging job, that was likewise in our arrangement. The packers handled our possessions like it was crap. Not only did they never transfer everything on the stock list, we needed to lease a U-Haul trailer and transfer some things and might need to return again to SC to eliminate the remainder of our possessions and lease another U-Haul and lease another resort room.

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