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  • John Ocasio
    Aug 31, 2020
    Long-distance move from Boca Raton, FL
    Nice Mover!!

    Empire Moving Group would be the finest in the city. They’re always on time rather than disappoint you using their services. You also need to receive their service since they’re the ideal selection for long distance movers.

  • Carmelo Miller
    Aug 25, 2020
    Long-distance move from Boca Raton, FL

    These guys were fantastic. Powerful and considerate by what’s almost always a hard/back-breaking project. They even worked together to choose things which weren’t initially on the record as my spouse forgot about a few of our possessions in the garage. I know she is going to compose a 5-star inspection also.

  • James Michael
    Aug 24, 2020
    Long-distance move from Boca Raton, FL
    Good Job!!!

    Robert and his staff proved quick and attentive and mid-way believed Patrick and his wife came by to see how matters were moving. James jumped in and began to assist – a boss who is not afraid to get the job done. Well done everybody.

  • Poonam S Bhogal
    Aug 20, 2020
    Long-distance move from Owings Mills, MD
    Horrific and traumatic experience!!

    This is a broker moving business that can take your cash and then deal with you so rudely and your belongings is going to be delivered at a convoluted timeline that’s not even from the contract. Everything you can do is first speak to the sales man – perfection- after you’re booked- the nightmare starts – rude, condescending behaviours and replies such as -“I do not understand where your material is” or that I can not answer or I can not contact the transporter. Should you use this business – make certain that you get a large quantity of tolerance, patience and be happy to receive an lawyer. I am rather frustrated and this has become the worst and most nightmarish experience I would warn each and every individual from utilizing this business. Moreover, the quotation will go up about 3 days until they select your own stuff. This is the adventure of somebody who ended up paying $16,000 and that I still don’t have my things. You do the math. I might have completed business class flights back and done two trucks by now in 1/3rd the price. This can be Empire white glove to you. The packers already broke stuff while they have been packing before the eyes.

  • Carol Linck
    Aug 17, 2020
    Long-distance move from Inver Grove Heights, MN
    Great experience!

    After talking with customer services. They made all agreements and supplied quotations. They took a lot of pressure off me and given reassurance. The storage center are secure. They supplied a free lock. They let’s see the storage device. This is the very best gesture. Recommended.

  • James Dubois
    Aug 12, 2020
    Long-distance move from Boca Raton, FL
    You are the BEST!!

    Additionally, I just referred dear buddies to utilize”Empire Moving Group LLC” because of their large move and they had been completely thrilled. Thank you again”Loyal Moving Business”. I’ll certainly use you again!

  • William Davis
    Aug 6, 2020
    Long-distance move from Fisherville, KY
    They are great throughout!

    Jack and Kathie drove 200 and miles to unload our transfer and they had been equally as good. From the transfer, nothing broken, no harm to our substance or either place. I’m impressed with the movement and that I couldn’t have asked for more.

  • Arthur Gibbons
    Aug 4, 2020
    Long-distance move from Clifton, NJ
    Thumbs up!

    Timothy who assisted me on the telephone to book was really useful in supplying information and directing me with choosing who lots of movers to employ and how to do my move. This was a totally astonishing service from these men. Friendly, respectful, courteous and hardworking. They created the shifting process so much simpler and less stressful. Will recommend to all of our friends.

  • Angel Patterson
    Aug 3, 2020
    Long-distance move from Philadelphia, PA
    SCAM DO NOT USE !!!!!!!!!

    THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. I had been given a quote from Jeff Rice that, I moved over each and every thing, even dimensions with him and get an estimate/price. I specifically asked him about hidden charges and he said that there are not any. I have done a quality assurance test using a Suzi, I included things and was cost $600 that I was fine with, she advised me to receive a check or money order for half of my equilibrium and that I would cover another half at fall off, so that I buy $917.50 money requests. HERE IS WHEN IT WENT SOUTH. On pickup two men and a lady arrived at a Penseke truck. 1 man stepped foot in my house,had me sign paper work afterward said alright its likely to be 900 longer (revised quote ). Not a single item changed in the standard assurance call two weeks ahead with Suzi. When I wouldn’t sign the newspaper, requesting clarity that he become angry and called his manager. I attempted to have Jeff on the telephone who’d told me he’d be available by means of this procedure LIE. Danielle who promised to be Jeff’s manager tried to convince me to agree to sign the newspaper saying that the cost would now be 4300, she said I had a mindset and was really rude with me personally. Throughout this period the inspector turned into me and said”get a different firm, I’m not carrying it out” and torn up my paperwork”. Danielle went to badly explain why the cost rose, asserting that the movers might place my belongings in the vehicle and there could be no need for a cost change but that I had to sign off to the revised quote first. THAT SOUNDS RIDICULOUS, She subsequently stated nicely your cash is nonrefundable. HOWEVER, I didn’t deny the ceremony, I refused to sign the paperwork without a transparent explanation. The plumber really walked out and left while I had been on the telephone with Danielle. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I DON’T CARE HOW LONG I’m TAKES that I WILL BE SEEKING MY REFUND LEGALLY.

  • Ty Cobb
    Jul 30, 2020
    Long-distance move from Chicago, IL
    Avoid them, and moving brokers in general, at all costs

    Buyer beware.

    Empire Movers isn’t a moving company, they’re a moving agent. A middleman. They accumulate some hefty fee up front, farm from the real moving services for the relocation to a moving provider, and clean their hands of you.

    This kind of predatory business in a predatory business. There is not any reason to utilize Empire, or some other moving agent for this issue. They supply no solutions to talk, and you may rather book directly with all the carrier Empire could have contracted to prevent paying Empire’s charge. It is no small wonder why they do not inform you that will deal with the transfer upfront.

    Allow me to reiterate. In trade for their own fee, Empire does absolutely nothing to you. This agreement is solely to Empire’s advantage. There is no demand for them to give customer support when their business does not and can not do anything on your transfer when it has started, so they don’t.

    On the telephone, they’ll provide no unsolicited sign that they’re only a broker and will not be accountable for your relocation. They are quite friendly at reserving and also make significant use inclusive language such as”our trucks”,”our movers”,”full size”, etc.. Their phone attachment would signal to any sensible man that Empire has their very own fleet and will manage the move themselves. That can be a lie. The devil is in the facts, which in this instance is his or her contract. If something goes wrong, you better believe that the only response you’ll receive is”however you signed the contract”.

    When studying these other reviews, it is safe to dismiss any comments, negative or positive, regarding the standard of the relocation, the movers, damage, and so forth. Empire has nothing to do with some of the It is unlikely the carrier you wind up working together are just like any other individual Studying here, and you won’t understand till they’re in your door.

  • Angila Steward
    Jul 29, 2020
    Long-distance move from Fairmount, ND

    Excellent moving business! They were quite professional, and made sure that I enjoyed where matters were put. Since they bill by the hour, even the anxiety is that they will haul out the occupation, but no! They’re extremely fast and effective. Hire them. They are aware of what they’re doing rather than disappoint.

  • Alexander Papageorge
    Jul 27, 2020
    Long-distance move from California
    Bait and switch

    My experience was that of a timeless bait-and-switch, with a few bullying. They were professional from the run-up into the transfer, but if they identified a van line to maneuver my possessions, they decided exactly what must be the only worst rated moving firm – https://www.yelp.com/biz/best-moving-van-line-santa-clara. The testimonials are comically bad, bordering on criminal. I was profoundly disturbed that they’d even think about using this organization. When I expressed my worries I had been told’all moving businesses have some terrible testimonials’ This is, in my view, an irrational try at placating me. I had been told that they would come across another moving agency, with no certain timeframe. INSTEAD they called me the following day, telling me this the day of my transfer was receded (from Tuesday to Monday), together with the exact same company. I had been advised, again, that they couldn’t locate a different firm and that’all moving businesses possess some terrible reviews’. That really is nothing if not bullying. I was absolutely naive in picking them, and shocked at their brazenness. They communicate well, but I feel that beneath the surface they operate a version of getting folks on poor moving lines at large quantity.

  • Mabelle Hilpert
    Jul 27, 2020
    Long-distance move from Nevada
    Keep up the good work!

    Mike and his supporters were punctually, super efficient and fast and wrapped everything beautifully–and packaging stuff was a part of support. They transferred everything in fast, efficiently and attentively and took things away we were shedding. No surprise costs. I’d certainly go with them if at all that I must go again.

  • Jeremy Ellis
    Jul 23, 2020
    Long-distance move from Circleville, OH
    I highly recommend them!

    My moving adviser was super friendly and accommodating with scheduling my own last-minute movement. The movers were right on time and required the exact same quantity of time which was anticipated for the transfer. The men were quick, comprehensive and attentive.

  • Cynthia Adams
    Jul 22, 2020
    Long-distance move from Kentucky
    Recommend them to anyone!

    Michele and spouse were ancient, yes early to the appointment because of my transfer, and they fast and economically loaded my boxes onto their truck and then we unloaded them at a share distance facility all in one hour and half an hour. Fantastic communication and impeccable manners. Could

  • Jonas Wictts
    Jul 16, 2020
    Long-distance move from Oklahoma
    Thumbs up!

    Mike and the group from Empire Transferring Group were exact and made the movement effortlessly. They carefully wrapped furniture to guarantee a secure transition from 1 place to another. They were very cautious with all my items. The movers were very good at protecting very good furniture. The very best thing about them was that they were quite organized and clean. I’m dinner impressed and would really like to reserve them.

  • Smith David
    Jul 13, 2020
    Long-distance move from Bon Aqua, TN
    Great job!!

    Our movers were so great, respectful and nice. They hustled in order that we would be completed as soon as possible and wouldn’t be billed for longer than we ever desired. They transferred our huge sofa up two tight flights of stairs and to some bizarre doorway easily. I would strongly recommend these guys later on and that I will 100 percent for certain use them in my next movement.

  • Robert Watts
    Jul 9, 2020
    Long-distance move from Delaware, NJ
    The guys were great

    So effective and simple to use. Moving on town roads and out of another floor can be rough. They did a terrific job. Cost was the very best and just as mentioned. Thank you! I truly love their hard-work and will surely hire them again.

  • James Steave
    Jul 6, 2020
    Long-distance move from La Jara, NM
    Highly recommended!

    Empire Moving Group supplied us dependable, professional punctually support. I had a good deal of expertise with other moving companies; I am strongly convinced that Empire Moving Group is your best moving company in PA.. They transferred me out of a 3rd floor walkup with quite tight and narrow staircase and all of my furniture has been carefully wrapped and nothing had been damaged during the transfer.

  • Sheryl Gerety
    Jul 4, 2020
    Long-distance move from Coos Bay, OR
    Poor experience

    Late arrival, dashed and insufficient packaging of delicate items in Addition to furniture, shipping marred by motorist shooting, hiring, fire rehiring shredding team, lots of valuable items damaged or broken

  • Tom Meads
    Jul 2, 2020
    Long-distance move from Miami, FL
    Great job !!

    Best movers I have ever had! These men are super proficient and productive. They have taken the strain out of proceeding with just how easy they have made this procedure. I’d certainly use them again and recommend them to anybody going! 5 stars!

  • Jackyy Howard
    Jun 30, 2020
    Long-distance move from San Antonio, TX
    A scam

    I am currently going through the procedure of obtaining a refund from the company via legal channels. They charged me a deposit of $900+, scheduled the incorrect date together with all the third party firm, NEVER showed up, gave me the run arounds about really servicing my transfer along with a refund before I informed them I’d begin documenting the dialogue – I was then told I might ask a refund out of my lender since they would not have the ability to support my transfer. The fantastic thing is I recorded the dialogue and had it transcribed to my lender so that they can properly research and issue a refund. This firm, also after listening to the sound said”that our CSR stated you could call to get a refund since we can not prevent you but that does not mean that you’re eligible” he entirely skipped over the fact that the CSR literally told me that they wouldn’t be supplying me with all the professional services that I paid for. I have done a little research and discovered that I am just one of MANY who’ve been duped by empire moving business, simply do your own research. They will overcharge, never appear but bill you, or your house is going to be broken upon arrival. I felt so hopeless after needing to endure minute hire a moving company in a pandemic because of this organization’s in professionalism and absolute disregard to meeting their end of their contract. DO NOT proceed for this corporation.

  • Terry Lynch
    Jun 30, 2020
    Long-distance move from Fort Mohave, AZ
    These guys were awesome and I highly recommend them

    The reservation process was quite eloquent, and they have been educated and useful both leading up to and throughout the transfer. The 3 men helping us were elastic and more than prepared to expand their work day so as to have the ability to store our belongings for 2 hours while our newest flat was ready.

  • Terrence Arnold
    Jun 26, 2020
    Long-distance move from Waltham, MA
    I will definitely be using them again!

    They were amazingly useful and optimistic even if they had to browse a few really tight spaces using the truck to be able to enter my own building! They showed up right on time and hauled with me the entire time at a excellent method. If you’re seeking to proceed, look no farther than Empire Transferring Group!

  • Richard Bush
    Jun 23, 2020
    Long-distance move from Miami Beach, FL
    Thank you

    These men went above and beyond; they went the excess mile, so did it in a good price and took great care of my valuables using white-glove support. Everything absolutely put into position correctly and properly. Highly suggested!

  • Sally Brown
    Jun 20, 2020
    Long-distance move from Delaware
    Reliable moving company

    The movement was smooth, fast, and nicely done. Everybody was extremely considerate and cautious with all our furniture, and Chris that the dispatcher followed up multiple occasions prior to, during, and after the move. I strongly suggest Empire Moving Group if you’re interested in finding an affordable.

  • Josh Vensel
    Jun 17, 2020
    Long-distance move from Parkersburg, WV

    Everything that they said to market the project turned into a lie. When we captured it,” they said it is too late to receive back our deposit. Customer support is under a joke and don’t call back. I’ve been promised a call back for two days. Don’t use this firm. Run away. Run far away. Looking into accepting this into court. Danielle that the”supervisor” has neglected to phone me back several times in a row today.

  • Shubhraman Rout
    Jun 15, 2020
    Long-distance move from Miami, FL
    Excellent Service

    I can’t thank you more and how glad me and my loved ones for your professional support. Not just you had been proactive and recognized that our personalized need but also immediately failed an E2E followup from begin to finish. The manner by which the products were cared for, the updates which came in at every step, the claims which were made, and were retained , the priority and transparency as handled is tremendously valued. I DID THE Ideal CHOICE OF HAVING SELECTING YOU GUYS AS A MOVING COMPANY and moving away from my preceding moving business! To the long run, the ONLY preferable firm for me personally could be Empire and none other. You and your staff are simply magnificent. Maintain the confidence and decent work! My decision as well as my preferred choice for my buddies is Empire. You guys deserve a 5 star unquestionably.

  • Allen Rezai
    Jun 11, 2020
    Long-distance move from Bethesda, MD
    Con Artists - Interstate Wire Fraud

    [NAME EDIT] and also Accomplices in Empire Transferring Group are participants at all the components of a timeless Interstate Wire Fraud – that’s a Federal offense. You’re provided a very low bid so as to rapidly have a deposit at the tens of thousands dollars. Subsequently on day of this transfer they do not appear. Who does appear are slime tricksters you have never heard of before who inform you that the quotation Empire gave proved to be a con to make you give them cash and that the true cost is not going to the $6000 you had been hailed by Empire but much more similar to $14000. You telephone Empire back and request your cash and listen to the orgasmic bliss of a lady and she hangs upon you. Afterward not one of your emails along with your requirements are returned. Where and if a provider is intentionally providing you with a false belief to get a fake company, so as to acquire cash from you from a different nation, never planning about delivering – that’s if the FBI gets involved. Empire Moving Group has a very long list of complaints regarding their conducting a scam deceptive operation. Look them up on Google Reviews. You’ll see that if you attempt to put up your inspection, it’s never placed on – that they somehow scrub it. But even after all that scrubbing there are plenty of clients detailing their experience with a Con Hustle performance, representing what I just mentioned. This isn’t a BBB licensed company. They’re con persons in demand of pursuit from the FBI for partaking in each of the components of Interstate Wire Fraud.

  • Catherine Clarke
    Jun 10, 2020
    Long-distance move from Morristown, NJ
    Excellent Experience Overall

    I labored with Empire Moving Organization on a longstanding movement in Northern New Jersey to Palm Beach County and has been quite impressed by their level of efficiency and professionalism. I had a 5 bedroom home, with quite a few bigger pieces of furniture I was worried would cost a chance to proceed and could possibly be ruined in the process – yet that wasn’t the situation. I utilized their entire lineup of services to get the whole house filled, loaded on the truck and sent. Not only did what arrive in tact, it had been within the cost point I was originally quoted. I’d absolutely rely upon their services again, and would gladly recommend them to some buddy.

  • Mandy Neven
    Jun 5, 2020
    Long-distance move from Brooklyn, NY
    Great all around

    This organization is wonderful! After being canceled out of a different moving business the day before we were likely to proceed we predicted Empire moving team to assist us with a weeks notice. You’re in hoping to have a great deal of luck finding someone to come another evening but Billy got us moving and booked us for actually the following morning! They came with an extremely knowledgeable and effective staff that went directly to work and assisted us in every manner possible. We moved out of a moving nightmare into the best moving fantasy! Billy was excellent at putting us the truck with the proper prices and Cesar our Agency was good with his group with hands-on deck carrying out boxes from almost when he stepped to our residence. Would certainly recommend 10 from 10.

  • Samuel Mazzatesta
    Jun 3, 2020
    Long-distance move from Florida
    Highly Recommended

    Moved from Pennsylvania to Florida. Professional every step of this procedure. Trust, quality and value were on stage.

  • Lisa E Baker
    Jun 2, 2020
    Long-distance move from Georgia

    I had an excellent experience with this firm! Can recommend it for everybody! Very friendly men and women.

  • Rudy Vazquez
    Jun 2, 2020
    Long-distance move from Florida
    Long Distance Move

    Recently transferred from California to Florida and had a huge experience. I would strongly recommend. Really user friendly and customer service has been outstanding!

  • Colby Arnold
    Jun 2, 2020
    Long-distance move from Arizona

    Wonderful company, quite professional and personable movers. Took great care of private property. Not 1 thing broken at a cross country move. Highly recommended

  • Louis Davis
    May 11, 2020
    Long-distance move from Lakeland, GA
    Highly recommended!

    This is actually the second time my wife and I’ve used their services. It was Kevin and Chris who coordinated our move. They showed up right in the center of the two-hour entrance window we had been awarded, and so were exceptionally courteous, efficient and useful. Everything came in its ideal state. No surprises in any way.

  • Sara Sterling
    May 8, 2020
    Long-distance move from Brooklyn, NY
    Inflated pricing, lost and damaged items, damaged home

    Throughout COVID-19 pandemic, we had been forced to perform a complete service move because we couldn’t return home because of traveling and health constraints. We had been quoted a cost of 571 for packaging. We had been made to pay an extra $8,258 for binding and packaging when the movers were at our house. We hadn’t any other choices given pandemic limitations. When things arrived they had been ruined. Boxes containing several things never came. The moving business left our charge card outside from the street-a type neighbor who discovered it had been fine enough to notify me the following moment. They didn’t reassemble furniture as promised. The majority of furniture has been scratched. We dropped our safety deposit due to damage to walls at house and garbage left out front with movers. Given price of transfer with inflated packaging costs and will need to rebuy a lot of things this movement cost us over 16 million bucks. If I would do it all again it might have been less trying to become infected with COVID-19 and transfer it all myself, then use Empire along with the movers that they hired. When it isn’t clear from above, don’t use this firm. Any other firm needs to be improved.

  • Kristin Kim
    May 7, 2020
    Long-distance move from Texas
    Do not recommend

    Primarily , I learned about this business through some study and that I picked Empire due to the evaluations and confirmation it’s. I tremendously regret this choice as the high quality and support for 75 percent of transfer was dreadful, especially for the price I paid. I had many different businesses with lower costs for the exact same stock checklist, but as a firm believer in the value of an excellent move, I chose to pay additional cash believing that it would guarantee better support.

    1. Empire shifted my move date without asking me and communicated the data to me two days ahead of my scheduled movement. I don’t know of another business that says the customer must alter the transfer date based on the moving business, instead of the other way round. If I can’t create an easy choice as a shifting date after paying nearly $10,000, I don’t understand what other choices Empire would also account my input in.

    2. The very expensive and precious item in my stock is my baby grand piano. It’s been a household item that’s full of value and significance. Empire said that I wanted a third party firm to independently”disassembly and securely package the piano since it’s such a precious thing”. This cost me another $1000 SEPARATE in the service price to empire PLUS AN ADDITIONAL $300 bulky thing fee. I invested that cash to safely safeguard my piano in transit and shipping.

    On the other hand, that the”safe packaging” that I spent an improvement $1,400 on somehow”transferred” through transit, inducing harmful scrapes and dents for my precious tool. Besides the actual product harm, the method of even FILE a promise is draining and therefore adheres to the client (if you follow the URL to filing a claim and also commence the procedure, you are going to see).

    3. After my recognition of this ruined piano upon the rescue, the movers didn’t even give me a opportunity to have a correct picture of the harm and proceeded to push me away by saying”simply file a claim”. I Can’t file a claim with no Appropriate PICTURE. I’m almost completely sure Empire or people is reviewing the promise will state that they won’t provide us any reimbursement simply on account of the quality of the film (because I took it while the movers chose to transfer the piano with no consent ).

    4. I’m not completely certain who I even need to criticize for this movement because so many distinct businesses were involved. The movers group, supplied by US Movers Inc., were cursing and fighting over each other. I was really worried and fearful that they’d struggle in the front of my loved ones. One of the employees wasn’t listening to who looked as the leader of the group and proceeded to point fingers and say”You better calm down”, along with cursing.

    I shall stop here since I can’t even start to spell out the other problems I had for my own move with this review. In case you’ve finished this, then DO NOT signal with Empire. They’ll inform you once you call to get a quotation that they’re verified, fantastic evaluation, etc. and that of course they’ve a lousy review here and there. Listen to this awful review, since I had been in your area 3 months ago and am now in an entirely different location.

  • Jane Daniel
    May 4, 2020
    Long-distance move from Fairmount, GA

    We began our hunt online searching for a mover that may take us. Empire Moving Group gave us all of the hints we had so we can conserve just a little bit of cash. After the movers showed up and loaded there weren’t any discussions of additional cash to be compensated. We fell in love with your organization along with also the entire operating team who made our movement unnaturally potential.

  • Angela Hopson
    Apr 30, 2020
    Long-distance move from Wilmington, DE
    Great Movers!

    The Empire Transferring Group came ancient and unloaded everything economically but nevertheless attentively. This review was long overdue, and this business also let me move a couple of decades back. They did ideal work afterward, nothing got ruined. And now they delivered everything in fantastic condition also. There’s no way that I will reserve any other movers ever.

  • Benjamin Peter
    Apr 28, 2020
    Long-distance move from Daisytown, PA
    Will definitely recommend them!

    Seriously do not phone anybody else but those men. I wanted movers in very last minutes rather than just they were considerably less costly than other areas but they supplied a top notch support. They were quite friendly and quick. Everything in its own ideal state. Literally, no surprises whatsoever.

  • John Dennis
    Apr 23, 2020
    Long-distance move from Hamersville, OH
    Another A+ move with Empire Moving Group!

    The group did a fast, cheap and easy movement for me. This is my second time with them, and the experience was equally as good as the original. The men were super nice and quite outspoken concerning the fees. I have an extremely big mirror that they wrapped and simmer for me personally, plus they explained I could risk it or else they could package it for another charge. Recommended!

  • Elizabeth Ziegler
    Apr 21, 2020
    Long-distance move from Lacoochee, FL
    Best Experience!!!

    They did quite impressive job. They maintained the exact same cost from the booking, and before the moving was finished. Moved my boxes with a grin. Mike raised my dresser and walked up four flights. I could not believe it. I completely recommend them and will certainly use them again, soon!

  • Nicole Ray
    Apr 20, 2020
    Long-distance move from Dagsboro, DE
    They were careful!

    Empire Moving Group were punctually. They have been conscientious. They were humorous. The truck has been filled super fast, even though we had been residing in a third floor walkup. And we would not hesitate to recommend them to friends, loved ones, or even complete strangers around Yelp. Thanks a ton, guys! You guys are excellent!

  • Kristina Back
    Apr 17, 2020
    Long-distance move from Fairview, OH
    I stressed for no reason

    I believed the movement would take us daily, but those guys have it done in 3 weeks. Extremely fast and effective men. I will certainly utilize M & his men for the next move and that I invite ANYONE who would like to take care of a organization & team who honor their things and their cash to do exactly the same!

  • Nathan Gladden
    Apr 14, 2020
    Long-distance move from Yorkshire, OH
    The team they sent was amazing!

    They were very considerate and kind. Everything was treated with caution. So grateful for their time and energy. We thought we would want to create a couple trips on our one for small matters, but not following Empire Moving Group took almost anything on the truck! Thank you guys! Totally suggested!

  • James Hales
    Apr 13, 2020
    Long-distance move from Fairmount, GA
    Great Move!

    They understood they were around the clock and could’ve pulled it out, however they did not, and that which was transferred in under 3 months. In addition they practically would return in to catch more after loading, but not a moment was wasted. Nothing has been damaged either, and it is a magic trick.

  • Gregg Chris
    Apr 13, 2020
    Long-distance move from Bridgeville, DE
    Really great moving service!

    Empire Moving Group has been that the sole service that I could find that did not have testimonials of unethical practices. We had four men move us lately from our flat to our property. And they have been amazing! They have been very nice and effective and got the work done in under 4 hours. Recommended!

  • Lois Scales
    Apr 11, 2020
    Long-distance move from Fairchance, PA
    Always very helpful! Love them!

    These guys were fantastic! Mike was very useful in organizing my move-he accommodated all of my last-minute alterations. The movers were very professional and fast. They did everything together with respect and care. I’d recommend their services!

  • Courtney Alford
    Apr 10, 2020
    Long-distance move from Raynham, MA
    I will recommend them to everyone!

    They made it all simple for me, they took good care of my furniture, and they worked extremely hard! The men came on time (really early but they predicted beforehand ). They were quite fine and Beyond efficient. They were quite easy to take care of. Move was finished in only two hours. I’m pleased with the service!

  • Caroline Taylor
    Apr 10, 2020
    Long-distance move from Sabina, OH
    Thanks for the move!

    I moved out of a really catchy building into a fairly catchy home (in the middle of nowhere).They were fast, efficient and moved over and beyond in wrapping my furniture and making certain everything was shielded. They were quite considerate during the entire move.

  • Sulin Allen
    Apr 9, 2020
    Long-distance move from New Jersey
    Overcharged me by 1,000 dollars

    Alex gave me a price estimate of $2,000 to transfer my studio flat from NJ to FL in March. However as soon as the inspector revealed up my flat that he billed me $1,000 additional and didn’t even take all of my belongings, (that was detailed in my quote ). They aren’t honest with their quote rates. I had been billed $3,000 bucks in the long run. I do not mistake the hispanic guys who wrapped/carried my things, they did a fantastic job, but I do fault the man responsible for picking up my purchase at NJ and the salesman that lent me a wrong lower cost in the first location. Allow the buyer beware.I Wouldn’t use them again

  • Jennifer Barros
    Apr 6, 2020
    Long-distance move from Fairton, NJ
    Best company!

    I can’t say enough nice things about the team I’d. They were very prompt, friendly, upfront and careful regarding the purchase price. They could lift and transfer things easily! Very professional! Good job! I will suggest them to my loved ones and each buddy.

  • Jessie Gutierrez
    Apr 4, 2020
    Long-distance move from Earlimart, CA
    Best Movers!

    We’re so thankful that we chose to get movers rather than attempting to do it ourselves. Crew helped us go, and they were great! They showed up on time, took great care of their things, and worked really hard. I’d suggest them to my family and friends and can use them again later on.

  • Kristina Tran
    Apr 2, 2020
    Long-distance move from California

    Empire Moving Grp subcontracted mover comp. That was illegally forcing me to signal illegitimate doc & not supplied service as Binding Quotation indicated

    I signed moving contract with Empire Moving Group to possess my stuffs go out on 03/06/2020. On this day, to my surprise that the mover was out of a subcontracted of Empire Moving Group arrived and demanded more currencies for unable to park his truck at the loading dock of the building where my flat was, Neither Empire Transferring nor its subcontracted Mover haven’t contacted my construction Management Office due to their moving trucks demands like I have suggested to Empire M. G that they need to be certain to clear with the truck dimensions necessity for loading dock.

    The driver/mover wasn’t able to park his shifting truck into the building loading dock because of its long height. He was so angry and unprofessional, cursing me out due to their probate processes. He required that I should pay $400 for him to park on the street curb and transferring the stuffs out of elevator into his moving truck. He requested me to sign up for pick up files, but when I examined the files supplied. There were all Blank, there is No Binding Quotation figure, no deposit sum of $1,090 that I paid thru my Citibank and No remaining balance when shed off. I requested him to possess all obviously written me down so I could sign those files. He also called the Empire Transferring Group and flipped around told me that he will not have anything written down and when I do not sign them then he won’t perform my movings!! He murdered me in between discussions. Meanwhile, I predicted Empire Transferring Group and nobody would talk with me personally to assist me with the issues that I had been having with this unprofessional driver that Empire Transferring Group has delivered to me. I left many messages to the proprietor I think Mr. Jeff Rice and Craig whom I have contacted with prior to each of this Surprise problems occurred.

    The driveway after nearly 3 and half an hour pressured and cursed me out and in left my flat without doing the proceeding to the main reason that I was not registering the Blank files that he forced me to sign. He explained if I do not sign then he will not proceed the stuffs and certainly will loss my deposit plus it is my loss therefore better signal them!!

    I firmly told me that I am not going to sign any documents that aren’t clearly signaled what I owe as staying balance because I don’t need my stuffs be grip Hostage whenever I come for fall off my shifting stuffs in New York since most sufferers were falling right into that scrams. I left without even doing any shifting!!

    I desired Empire Transferring Group refund my deposit in the sum of $1.090 instantly because of its rash of subcontracted unprofessionals and paralyzed subcontracting movers in the moving company which triggered me of reduction time and generated tremendous stress to me personally together with my shifting thing.

    After over two months from 03/06/2020. Empire Moving Group didn’t have the courtesy to get me personally to handle its own problems and refund my deposit.

    I’m asking BBB to help me to possess Empire Transferring Group refund my deposit instantly for why its inspector attempted to scam me and not supplied the support as the Binding Deal I signed with that.



  • Debbie Rader
    Apr 2, 2020
    Long-distance move from Salem, NJ
    Great move!

    I’m a person who cope with glass merchandise and other delicate items as it’s my company. I must send items to my client every day so when one evening, my routine mover was inaccessible, I phone them and had the best moving experience. Next, I am certain that I’m to return to my routine inspector. My clients were very happy as everything came in 1 piece.

  • Carl David
    Mar 27, 2020
    Long-distance move from Bridgeville, DE
    They are best

    The price I paid to Empire Transferring Group was precisely what I gave me when we talked over the telephone. They were early or on time for the two pickup and drop-off. All of our stuff has been delivered in excellent condition, because of their maintenance. The Empire Transferring Group are only the top movers in this case.

  • John Varela
    Mar 26, 2020
    Long-distance move from Georgetown, MA
    Best Services

    The procedure to find insurance and other essential paperwork was easy and required no extra work for these. I received a call to verify our time that the day ahead, and also a ring when they have been 15 minutes off the afternoon of. They’d added packaging supplies to assist if people ran low and wrapped all of our furniture to be certain that there were not any damages.

  • Patricia Johnson
    Mar 25, 2020
    Long-distance move from Wilmington, DE
    Empire Moving Group were great for my move!

    They have amazing group of men who are super-efficient, really cautious with packaging and moving and incredibly friendly. They made our transfer very simple and stress-free. I certainly suggest the movers whatsoever. Thumbs them up.

  • Sandra Williams
    Mar 19, 2020
    Long-distance move from Valrico, FL
    Professional Movers!

    Hands down, the only moving company I’d ever use or recommend. The four-man team that came to assist me proceed were super cautious with that which, meticulous and exceptionally professional. They operate so professionally and attempt to give simplicity to their clientele.

  • Jack Greg
    Mar 16, 2020
    Long-distance move from Earlville, NY
    They are the best movers

    I utilized Empire Moving Group last weekend to get a transfer. After a great deal of study, I chose to go with those men because of prior reviews and reliability and they have been terrific. I got in contact Empire Transferring Group to receive a quotation and he responded in half an hour. I strongly suggest them.

  • Edward Crossman
    Mar 12, 2020
    Long-distance move from Gainestown, AL
    Highly Recommended!

    All I could say is that I am really pleased with the caliber of support that this great moving business did. A fantastic job. They packed everything so carefully. My possessions arrived in wonderful condition. This firm does what it’s supposed to. They follow your directions also. I could not have asked for much more.

  • Ryan Brown
    Mar 11, 2020
    Long-distance move from Jacksonville, NY
    I recommend them

    In the very first call by using their representative into the previous call from their supervisor to get an followup, the entire process was handled by the group so well. I am rather impressed with the superior work. These movers are professional really. They make certain that you ease the procedure for all of us in several ways. I had the best time together.

  • Bill Herman
    Mar 11, 2020
    Long-distance move from Wilmington, DE
    We are so happy we found this company

    Empire Moving Group were precisely what we looked for. This movement went great for my loved ones and me. There’s not anything to whine about. They’ve given me really excellent services and also have made me feel comfortable during the entire procedure. I strongly recommend this firm.

  • Steven Martin
    Mar 9, 2020
    Long-distance move from Lecanto, FL
    Thumbs up to the great team!

    I’ve referred over three individuals to Empire Transferring Group and all of these have come back with amazing reviews. Their relocation providers have stayed exceptional. They left the entire thing so memorable at a ways. For starters, there was no boredom. Furthermore, they created the whole move less feverish. I am so thankful to them.

  • Brooke Wagner
    Feb 26, 2020
    Long-distance move from Lancaster, PA
    Wonderful experience

    Moving can be quite stressful. Empire shifting team was really professional and useful. All of my things were managed with caution. I’ll surely be using them when I ever need to proceed again. I would strongly recommend.

  • Eric Kramer
    Feb 25, 2020
    Long-distance move from Philadelphia, PA

    Overall pleased with my experience with Empire. I had been bombarded with calls after submitting my shifting petition and mercifully I opted to answer this business based on testimonials of others. I’d use again (hopefully wont have too proceed again though haha)

  • Umberto Peng
    Jan 31, 2020
    Long-distance move from New York
    Quick set up

    I transferred my things out of Italy to New York, also had to then transfer my things to Florida out there. I made with Empire to transfer my goods to my new residence in Florida. I’ll use them again when I want to return home to Italy. I would strongly recommend. I thought they did good job!

  • Keith Badgley
    Jan 14, 2020
    Long-distance move from Columbus, OH
    Couldn’t be worse

    Moved Mother from Columbus to OK City. Made guarantees Mother would get her things within 1-2 weeks. Going on 5 months and still no response on if it may arrive. Now told cargo is in Indy

    And no idea as it will leave We must call them. They Won’t call us

    Mother is 82 and living out of luggage. Asked to speak to proprietor and they refused. Steer Clear of this Corporation

    Really bad.

  • Danny Karam
    Jan 14, 2020
    Long-distance move from Manassas, GA

    Always using this business in the long run. I have never managed a business that’s as through as empire. Other firms attempted cleaning through my stock and left so many things away. The move went really smooth and I can not help but let everybody know about Empire.

  • Danielle Dinuci
    Jan 9, 2020
    Long-distance move from Middletown, DE
    Satisfied customer

    Great customer support along with also the sweetest sales division ever. This is my simplest and most stress free transfer in history. I move because of my husbands standing in Microsoft and for today on we agreed to just use this business. Call them and see for yourselves!

  • Randell Curry
    Jan 9, 2020
    Long-distance move from North Miami Beach, FL
    Amazing service

    This is the very professional and simplest move I’ve ever had to handle. I have moved several times for a job and this is among the greatest adventures. Everybody is so courteous and quite valuable. The customer support was exceptional that they made me stress free and only made this entire moving experience enjoyable. Highly Suggest Empire Transferring Group.

  • Brittanie Schwinden
    Jan 8, 2020
    Long-distance move from Atlanta, GA
    Moving Services

    I’m pressured to depart this review. I have been swindled by so many businesses before and that I felt the need to let everybody understand how amazing that this last move was. Empire is undoubtedly the best company that’s silenced me along with my loved ones. Super sweet, super professional. They treated me just like a human being and being upfront and honest with me from the beginning! I sent photographs of furniture and they moved over every part of furniture for example boxes with me. They were individual and the procedure was really simple. I suggest calling them if you’re trying to find a moving agency!

  • Brannan Bell
    Jan 8, 2020
    Long-distance move from Florida

    Employed these men and could not be happier. Simple is the perfect way to explain them. Easy is easy and simple is always excellent. Utilizing them was a breeze and therefore I felt the necessity to come leave them this. For quality and also a easy movement. Contact empire.

  • Kyle Grupp
    Jan 7, 2020
    Long-distance move from Marlboro, NJ
    Easiest move

    I utilized Empire per week ago because of my transfer to northern florida. While I tell you that this has become the simplest transfer ive ever experienced I really mean it. I’d businesses previously which have been a nightmare. I managed to maintain communicating with them the entire way. Here is the sole firm ill usage moving ahead. Thank you guys for your terrific support!

  • Luke Peck
    Jan 6, 2020
    Long-distance move from Philadelphia, PA
    Smooth Move

    I used this firm for a relative of mine. I had to reevaluate my niece out of Philadelphia to Boca Raton. Empire got me all set up on the telephone and coordinated each once of this transfer. I was really surprised by how smooth this procedure was. I will certainly use them again should I proceed from Boca.

  • Jordan Weiss
    Jan 6, 2020
    Long-distance move from Delray Beach, FL
    Fantastic business!

    I strongly recommend this place. I recently just moved and that which was created so easy for me. They have been on time and quite organized. They also gave me a fantastic price. I could not be happier.

  • Jessica Michalzen
    Jan 2, 2020
    Long-distance move from Atlanta, GA
    Great company

    I had a terrific experience with this business. This was my second time with them and I couldn’t be happier. I certainly recommend them for all of your moving needs!

  • Alexa Hoffman
    Dec 30, 2019
    Long-distance move from Missoula, MT
    Delicate items

    I paid to get a complete package from my studio, that had a good deal of fine delicate products. Adding some quite expensive artwork. They did a terrific job on packaging the products. And I was really pleased with the gentlemen from Blue Hawk which came out and transferred me. Both Teams conveyed perfectly from my very first talk with Daniel. Will use again.

  • Kathy Ayoub
    Dec 24, 2019
    Long-distance move from Virginia
    Empire Moving Group

    We hired Empire to transfer us throughout the nation. Because they are agents and do not really do the transfer ( they employ and ship movers to you personally ) they shipped”Package Rite Movers” out of NJ to perform our relocation. Empire does not tell you they’re agents and it doesnt say on their site that they are agents. Apparently it is in the little writing about the contract. . So beware of the. When you speak to them, they provide you with the belief which they will be moving you..but they are not actual movers. The movers we sent us attempted to double the price of the quotation which Empire gave us saying that Empire interrupts the square footage of the home therefore, they must double the cost (and from double I suggest include an extra $10K into the already $13K we had been paying). They told me this after they’d already packed up our things and also had the truck locked and headed out. They said we couldn’t get our things till we paid them the extra money in money.

    After exploring Bundle Rite Movers we found they now have an”F” rating with the BBB. Empire said we’d get our things within 8-10 days. We got our material nearly 3 weeks after. They gave us 5 dates of shipping and did not appear to some of these. My husband took some time off work every time in expectation of these coming and they neglected to appear to 5 distinct delivery dates that they gave us. Empire will state that shipping isn’t guaranteed. I get this, but 5 occasions we had been told they’d appear and did not. Eventually they showed up. Upon unpacking we found that virtually every piece of furniture has been ruined. They literally threw items in boxes without breaking anything. They threw my nice china (wedding gift ) to a box along with my coffee maker along with nearly all of my hamburger was busted. Matters which were very caustic to us (marriage presents, gifts from my own grandma ) were all destroyed. They billed us for”packaging stuff” yet hardly used packaging stuff. They even took our sheets and towels and used them as”packing material” so I am not really certain exactly what we paid $1400 for packaging stuff for.

    We’ve moved 7 days and I have not ever had so many items destroyed or dealt with these unprofessionalism in all these motions. I was actually in tears since I dropped so many precious and valuable things to me personally in this movement. Empire answer was that it had been outside of the hands, even though they shipped this business to us. When we had been given the chance to investigate who they had been sending (if Empire had been upfront with us about it and really told us that they had been agents rather than real movers), we wouldn’t have permitted bundles Rite to contact our things depending on the testimonials and their”F” rating with the BBB. I wouldn’t suggest Empire and certainly not scatter Rite Movers. . .It was among the worst experience I’ve ever had with a business. Despite the fact that they were not present for whatever and didn’t have firsthand knowledge about anything, they stated we added things to the play, thereby diluting the rise in cost. This is a lie, even as we really had less things after selling two dressers and throwing out a lot of things that we chose to not carry with us. Empire blamed us at each turn and would not accept responsibility for whatever went wrong. We dropped $10K worth of things that has been broken/damaged/stolen.
    Empire provided us a”reduction” of 1900. .but which was to be taken off the extra $10k that packs Rite was extorting in us. . We had been advised the transfer could be about $13k at the start ( so that we would sign the contract),then have been told that it was $23K (following our stuff had been packed and secured on the vehicle ). Subsequently Empire provided us 1900 off the”new” cost of $23K. . .so today we’re stuck with an $21K invoice when we had been quoted $13K. I know that its a quote..but they jacked up the cost by $10K, then whined and stated we added into the transfer. We feel so taken good care of and heartbroken within the loss/theft of a lot of our things. The whole procedure has been a nightmare.

  • Jeremy Hill
    Dec 19, 2019
    Long-distance move from New York, NY
    Great experience with direct delivery

    This was the very first time that I have needed to go long distance in 10years and moving out of NYC to Houston I had been somewhat worried. I didn’t actually keep in mind the procedure or the price and when I talked to Jeff he left it rather simple and worry free to comprehend. His laid back strategy however comprehensive explanation of what has been included in a step-by-step procedure could not have made me feel much more comfortable. There motorist Anthony showed up for pickup with his two employees and packaged and loaded with my 3bedroom home all in 1 afternoon and did an wonderful job. I chose that there premier delivery bundle and my things arrived in TX at a few days using the direct shipping, which had been worth every cent. I would strongly recommend Empire to anybody looking about for a mover and’m happy they’re moving my mom too in January!

  • Mike Porello
    Dec 16, 2019
    Long-distance move from Lake Worth, FL
    Satisfied - moved our mother from Florida to Ohio

    We transferred our mom in Florida to Ohio. We obtained 3 distinct quotes. 1 quote was $2000 less than Empire, and Empire was appropriate in the center between the 3. Assuming the initial quote was too good to be true, we picked Empire. We had a great feeling about those men. The one thing that went wrong was that the that the truck was approximately 20 minutes late for the pickup, no biggie. However, the movers which showed up were really pleasant to my mom, which I greatly valued. The cost went up $45 since we made a decision to send an extra kitchen table. However, the movers were very cautious with all of my mom’s antique furniture, which she is very specific about. They professionally wrapped all of the furniture. What I really enjoyed is that they had a record of what they picked up along with the condition each product was in, which we signed off on. When they sent it to Columbus Ohio, they carried all of the furniture in and place it where my mother wanted it to proceed. They even reassembled each of the beds. What I really enjoyed is that they found the exact same state checklist in the pickup that they used in the shipping, and if they unwrapped all of the furniture that they inquired the state it was in at delivery. There was just one tiny scratch at the bottom of this desk, so I told them do not be worried about it, but they said it had been coated.
    Overall, I had been paranoid about hiring a plumber for my mum’s movement, however, Empire completely surpassed our expectations. My spouse and I will be moving next year and you better believe we will be utilizing Empire Moving Team

  • Michelle Yetter
    Dec 14, 2019
    Long-distance move from Harrisburg, PA
    All around great experience

    I’m thrilled to have discovered empire, I contracted with a different moving business who bailed on me that the afternoon of pick-up that is something empire stated would occur. They could get me picked up on the very next evening to get a wonderful price. It had been slightly delayed on shipping but that may be expected when moving across the nation.

  • Stephen Barbuto
    Dec 12, 2019
    Long-distance move from Marlboro, NJ
    Exceptional Service

    Empire moves me out of New Jersey down to Florida. I felt together from begin to finish and that I could not be more happy with the support. I strongly recommend them to everybody who desires a moving agency.

  • Rena Rodriguez
    Dec 5, 2019
    Long-distance move from South Fallsburg, NY

    DID ANYONE GET THINGS WITH NAME RENA RODRIGUEZ ON THEM? PLEASE CONTACT ME, MISSING THINGS. My movement is on Winter Park, FLA.. My tickets have been pink. Contact me in [email protected]
    My items came in Integrated Movers from NJ.
    I was not told that they contract out to the trucks that the motorists had a wreck at the vehicle. Matters were thrown and heaps throughout the area. Tried to receive my items. Can the proprietor email contact information to reach him please, cannot contact Zeak Price and Ryan. They said I want to call the moving business?
    They had been my business that contracted my transfer to motorists in NJ.

  • Smita Srivastava
    Dec 2, 2019
    Long-distance move from Fairfax, VA
    Worst Moving Experience... EVER!!

    We had been given all depends concerning how professional Empire Moving Group is till we experienced it ourselves. . The absence thereof! Here is how. .

    Mr. Zeke (the sales man ) kept calling us daily until we affirmed the transfer together and paid the reservation amount. Afterwards if we had questions / worries, there wasn’t any feeling of possession from the men who replied the helpline number. It kept going down the coil from this stage on.

    We weren’t clearly explained how this could work – if I had been clearly told that we will not really have a choice about the date / time of transfer, I’d not have signed up together. They took two dates from us and said just 24 hours beforehand will we find out as soon as the motorists will actually arrive. Can you imagine just how absurd and anxiety provoking it’s to never know until 24 hours beforehand about just what time your truck along with movers will arrive? I didn’t understand that. . If if did, then I wouldn’t have gone ahead with those men! However, what choice did I have? We had been moving towns (Northern VA to Atlanta Metro Area) and nobody knew that we needed to make arrangements to clean out the old location after the transfer, give keys away, and also have other things intended / lined up later – to which one wants to understand the specific strategy, not wait for them to ascertain our strategy?! I wish I understood this before… I’d not have signed up for such doubt!

    On the moving day, the movers really came two hours later than we had been advised. (Plus they acted as though it was all the traffic’s error )!

    We had been advised by Mr Zeke that our delivery is going to be verified for any day which we’d want. This has been horseshit… We needed to frantically call their warehouse helpline every freaking day that was useless since they kept us hanging for two weeks prior to our stuff eventually came. Would you feel that? TWO WEEKS!! We were NOT even vaguely aware of exactly what hell was in store for us, from the time that the truck was loaded along with the drivers were in their way! I was amazed at what a blunder I’d committed. Zeke told us it might occasionally, in extreme conditions, take around ten times for our stuff to reach its destination, but that was not true. . .Our material took 15 days – which crosses that threshold also. We needed to remain in hotels, then on sleeping bags in our new flat (when we’d overspent all our move budget), and ultimately make other temporary structures following few times of sleeping bags as our beds as other things didn’t arrive for two weeks! I designed a back-problem sleeping on the ground / sleeping bags for many days. Who’s accountable for this?

    Their helpline number / warehouse amount is good for nothing! They never respond and mailbox is always complete. We had to reside at the stress that our stuff has been missing and we might never get it whatsoever. How is this justified? Ms Brittany and Mr Ryan (helpdesk staff) were unable to confirm anything rather than ever returned our calls. We had been always put on hold for 15-20 minutes, again as though it did not matter.
    Happily we participated together just for transferring (rather than packaging ). Matters we packaged on our own came nicely but the furniture that they packaged was scraped and ruined. For a little mirror cabinet (which was cheap ), they requested us to place a $100 packaging / security, which wasn’t well worth it. I declined and as you might expect, it had been seriously cracked when we found it on birth. The driver nonchalantly stated to this, I’d told you so. . Our beds were scraped around, beds ruined, a chest of drawer broken without a feeling of apology or acknowledgment to damaging our furniture that we’d kept in pristine state.

    After loading, we noticed how badly they piled everything up to make more space in the truck so that they could add more things in one move.

    When I attempt to search for assistance on promises for the harm, again there’s absolutely no one that I will call because the mailbox is complete. Should I even be surprised?!

    Worst of all, when we were registering we were not told it wouldn’t be one truck to get our consignment. For a similar cost, we’re getting different sellers who’d bring just our stuff within their own truck and load / unload precisely when we desired. All per our desire! I wish I understood those dreadful facts before, therefore that I would not have gotten trapped inside their universe of lies and deceit! I regret registering for Empire Moving Group and won’t ever recommend them to anybody.

    They’re agents who outsource matters to cheap sellers and require absolutely no possession from the time arrangements are signed / initial pair of payment is created.

    According to this expertise, I request you to rethink everything I mentioned above prior to signing up together.

  • Erlene Clay
    Nov 19, 2019
    Long-distance move from Hamilton, AL
    Horrible Experience -THESE GUYS ARE CROOKS!!!

    If I could provide negative stars I’d as 1 star is too large! This company is unethical and makes the most of individuals by originally quoting a competitive speed then jacking up the price afterwards. Our expertise was that they slowed the initial quotation, but then committed to move all of our possessions when we consented to the new cost. The driver showed up a day late and after that just took a third of that which was at the next quotation and said we didn’t cover the cubic feet all our possessions would require, even though the contract clearly recorded each product and every box containing box dimensions. The driver needed money for petrol and the remainder of payment until he’d unload what he’d proceed to the destination once he eventually came. Dealing with this business was horrific, they’ll lie and deceive you by making false claims. Numerous arguments and calls together with the rotating customer support folks was infuriating. They wanted an additional $1800 to complete the movement they didn’t finish! Don’t do business with Empire Moving Group!!! Do not walk away, RUN!

  • Ayushi Pundir
    Oct 29, 2019
    Long-distance move from Boston, MA
    Worst Service and stuff delivery in midnight along with missing goods

    If you truly wish to observe the genuine service of the business read it until end or dismiss this and just go together with other 5* evaluations as I did and repent later like I’m regretting now.

    1 star is too much for this particular corporation. Select up scheduled for 3 pm on October 4th actual pickup happened at 7 pm so that you only need to keep waiting and that really is only beginning.
    I took this business service for long space (2000 kilometers ) move, pickup was postponed I did not raise any query. They chose my things on 4th October according to their policy they’ll take 20 days out of your the first shipping date and this they will not inform you when requesting cash, they will inform when you follow up in your own stuff.

    My stuffs delivered scheduled for 27th October involving 6 pm -8pm. I called the motorist in PM he explained running late will probably be about 9 PM then no response to text and calls and after 10PM got a text from motorist to achieve in 30 minutes as It’s late I requested to send tomorrow and in reaction a rude answer I got that I Want to cover the storage charges and eventually All of the stuff delivered by 1 PM ( is that the midnight correct time to send? ) As soon as I requested to come tomorrow in day for delivery, motorist requested I want to cover the storage charges. For last 20 times that I had been anticipating my things to be sent sooner they continue ignoring about the question since it’s the coverage of 20 -30 days, today to get a nighttime they want storage charges. Driver charged me 200$ additional for extended haul. Delivering in midnight and additional fees.

    I accepted provide in midnight and today comes the exciting part. My 65 inch television has been ruined and that I paid 55extra extra for your television packaging and tv foundation screws are lost so today it can not even endure, My television stand 75 inch is lost, my couch cushions and 1 light is overlooking and coffee table glass screws are missing

    Along with the driver was so rude when I asked for lost things he explained request company and they made so much noise that I got criticism from neighbors at the morning

    And now another 1000 of follow up I want to do in order to receive my lost stuff or cash which both looks hopeless because I talked to customer support now and they simply mentioned send us email and discuss.
    No more apologies for midnight delivery no more listening about what stuffs are overlooking.

  • Michael Smith
    Oct 25, 2019
    Long-distance move from California

    Wow. Beyond please using all the services. Very precise and comprehensive in describing the procedure and working together with me begin to finish. I even sprung some last minute packaging wanted about the movers and happily they had been ready. Highly recommended

  • Vanessa Teter
    Oct 22, 2019
    Long-distance move from Baker, WV
    Move it yourself - it will be easier

    If you’d like a moving company who’s not responsive, qualified, utilizes unethical tactics for you to get in their services, then this is the own company. Notice: All these are now movers my parents hired and I got involved in tackling the situation after their possessions were picked up. This criticism is on behalf of these and what I personally experienced when beginning to address them directly. Empire Moving Group hired on 10/14 to pick up possessions from WV. Delivery date has been scheduled for 10/15 or even 10/16 together with all the movers confirming the afternoon of. Deposit was created and quote was granted. The movers did not appear till 10/17 at 12pm. Movers arrived (that was really defender Van Lines, contracted out from Empire) and packaged up my parents possessions (1 King Sized Platform Bed, 3 end tables, two night stands, and a little dining room table, 4 chairs, 1 toddler sized mattress (no mattress), coat stand, 17 little boxes, 9 med boxes, 4 lg boxes, plus 1 lg cupboard plus a never been opened booted cupboard organizer), they had been advised that the space has been consumed at the toilet was over double what the quote had known for (353 cu feet quote, stating they had an extra 450 cu feet ) and rather than stressing the movers 640 , they owed them 1643. Not knowing what to do, they compensated the movers as they were placed in a location where they could not do anything else in the time.Enter me. I had a number of discussions with customer support at Empire and had been advised that Empire was only a centre man and that Safeguard was that the real moving firm that Empire had acquired the job to and that involving the both of these, Empire supplies the quote and from time to time, it is somewhat off. I labored with Empire to undergo the quote plus they worked together with Safeguard to find out what had been consumed for distance. Upon the reevaluation they decided it was really less distance, and they ought to have billed us $1454.29 and consequently rather than stressing them a second $1643 at fall off, we would only spend $1454.29. This nevertheless did NOT make sense for me since the cu feet amount they promised my parents things were carrying up was nevertheless 803 cu ft. that I had been assured pictures of this truck after loaded to validate the quantity of space being consumed along with a follow-up dialog to occur together with all the customer service representative I was talking to in Empire, but it never occurred. Speaking of customer support: I had been told a few times that”my parents could be cared for and their attention was in addition to mind as it came to this amount of support being granted”. After a few discussions had happened between me and Brittany (10/14 and also 10/15), I never heard from her again. When I phoned and left a message on her to 10/18 at 11am, she never returned my phone to obtain the aforementioned picture scenario ironed out. But on 10/18 at about 4pm I got a telephone call from Ryan out of Empire to verify the shipping date of 10/20. I stated that could be OK, but I actually wanted to converse with Brittany to find the remainder ironed out since I didn’t feel comfortable paying $1454.29 into the movers upon transportation. I requested to talk with Brittany – she’d handily already gone home for the afternoon. I had been told I would get a telephone call from Safeguard on Saturday to confirm delivery period which was that. No telephone call on Saturday from Safeguard. On Sunday afternoon I got a call in the foreman that my parents matters would be sent about 9:45am. We moved into the new home to meet them there. I explained to him that the situation regarding the images not being shipped and so forth and so on, realizing that regrettably he was simply the middle guy. He placed me in contact Vanessa in Safeguard in which I had been told when my parents wanted their own things, we’d have to cover them up the $1454.29 or else we would not receive any of our things. They hold your things for ransom in order that they could get paid and they not talk to you again. I sent a email to Empire summarizing the problems and asked they speak to me personally to iron out this. No reply was received as.

  • Lisa Milloney
    Sep 7, 2019
    Long-distance move from North Carolina
    Happy Customer

    I simply had to transfer my mom in North Carolina to New Mexico. She lived in a place which was difficult to get, therefore getting the truck for her home was a problem for a number of the moving businesses I vetted. Then hoping to cipher through the testimonials attempting to find out which firm was the best, or that company made themselves seem like the very best. After talking with multiple distinct folks, I opted to proceed with Empire Moving Company. I talked with Robby who actually eased my head and forced the procedure les trying for me. He promised he’d be there each step along the way and that he had been. My mum’s possessions were hauled into New Mexico safely. I did have an issue with the pick up time, they were presumed to enter between 10am-2pm plus they didn’t get there till about four, however they did convey that with me. (Or this could have been a considerably different inspection ) Overall I’d recommend Empire moving to anybody, I trusted them to maneuver my mom!

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